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Managing an Ancient Woodland

4.00-4.30 by John Heathcott

  • Ended

Service Description

A look at the history and biodiversity of Lineover Wood. In his capacity as a Woodland Trust Ranger managing Lineover Woods near Cheltenham, John, alongside volunteers, actively contributes to enhancing habitats and biodiversity. Their efforts involve widening paths, clearing areas around old oaks, and annual lime coppicing to prevent them from falling over. The harvested wood serves various purposes, including charcoal production for sale and use in hedges and fences. The initiative also addresses the removal of introduced conifers detrimental to biodiversity, with replacement trees often facing challenges from squirrels or diseases. Lineover Wood, under John's stewardship, boasts rare large leaf limes, a plethora of wildflowers, a rich fungal ecosystem, and abundant wildlife, including deer, birds, and rare butterflies.

Contact Details

  • St Philip and St James Church, Leckhampton, 60 Grafton Road, Cheltenham, UK

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