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Bringing Sustainability Into Your Life

Who we are

From The Ground Up is an Unincorporated Association; run by a group of dedicated volunteers, committed to creating a forum to inform local residents.   We believe that community-led events are the grass root movements that will make the essential changes required to support a sustainable way of life -  how these changes happen in, and, for the benefit of the community and globally. 

2024 Festival Highlights

We are incredibly proud to have hosted our third annual sustainability festival at St. Philip and St. James Church in Leckhampton. This year's theme, 'Take a Breath of Fresh Air,' reflects our commitment to environmental well-being. Our dedicated committee and volunteers have invested tremendous effort, resulting in over 30 participants showcasing inspiring and informative stands, talks, and workshops. The collaborative spirit of our community shines through, making each festival a vibrant celebration of sustainable living.


2023 Festival Highlights

In 2023, our second sustainability festival delved into "The Life Cycle of Our Lifestyle," exploring environmental impacts and promoting sustainable living. The event featured engaging discussions, hands-on workshops, and valuable insights. Check out the highlights for a glimpse into the inspiring moments and shared knowledge. Let these experiences resonate as we strive for a more eco-conscious and mindful existence.

Helping Hands


There are many ways you can get involved and support our cause. You can volunteer at our sustainability events, or simply spread the word about our mission. Every little bit helps!


Friday 12 April

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Bethesda Church, Great Norwood Street, GL50 2AP


What is important to you?

With a General Election looming and global concerns around the climate crisis deepening, this is an opportunity to ask questions and engage with Alex Chalk, MP, (Conservative), Max Wilkinson (Liberal Democrat), Julie Farmer (Labour), Tabi Joy (Green) along with a local businessman and resident, Eoin Mcquone, Chief Carbon Coach, Founder and Managing Director of Go Climate Positive. The questions and discussion will focus on local, national and global environmental and sustainable issues which are important to you.

The panel will be chaired by Linda Aspey an experienced coach, facilitator, therapist, supervisor & speaker who brings psychology and practical tools to culture, leadership, climate change and environment challenges.


FREE entry: pre booking required

Doors open at 7.00pm


Contact Us

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact us! We value your feedback, ideas, and participation. Let's work together towards a sustainable future. From The Ground Up, we're building a community that cares.

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Suffolk Street,


GL50 2DQ


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